About us

BE Creative
We might not have everything, but we have the VERY thing.

One can do anything with an Excel spreadsheet and is detail oriented.  The other has a passion for writing and creating.  They both happen to love ink and paper, and giving friends and family gifts that are extremely personal. These common factors pushed  neighbors and friends Stephanie Billings and Laura Ellison to combine their skills. After years of bouncing around the idea, the tandem decided that it was time to take their wares  to the internet.  For years, both had independently produced stationary, notepads, and cards for friends and by word of mouth. Pooling their talents the two became the "BE" in Be Creative.  

Recently, Laura went back to work, outside the home.  Stephanie decided to handle the day-to-day operations of BE Creative on her own.  While not involved on the day-to-day, Laura still lends a hand at market and with new products ideas.  
Since 2009, BE Creative has continued to grow and expand their offerings. We might not have everything, but we have the VERY thing!